Where to Buy Your Perfumes Today

There are lots of places where you can buy perfumes.  It depends on the occasion and how quickly you want them!

The first option is to go to a department store.  These usually have a beauty department with lots of fragrances to try and choose from.  The advantage here is that you can try the perfumes out either as a sample, or on a fragrance stick to get an idea for what the perfume smells like.  We think it is always better to try on yourself though, as our skin has different pH levels which can affect the way the fragrance smells on different people.

Another option is to go to a specialist perfume shop, which can often be found on the high street, or in larger shopping centres.  Here you are likely to get a cheaper price than in the department stores (these are always at premium prices!).  You can also try the fragrances out, and the shop assistants here may have more specialised knowledge and will be able to help you find the right scent for you.

A third option is to shop online for your perfumes.  There are a number of online only perfume shops, such as Perfumes Central, which offers low cost and high quality scents.  Although the range may not be as up to date as shops within department stores or on the high street, you’ll get the same designer fragrances for a much lower price.  You have to wait for delivery of course, but these usually only take a couple of days.  Worth the difference in the price certainly!

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