The Magic & Mystery Of Perfumery Products

Some of the most memorable birthday and Christmas presents to come my way have included scent, body products etc.   There is something very satisfying about opening a beautifully packaged carton and seeing the choice that this person has made for me.  I must admit that I have never been very knowledgable about perfumes or how they are manufactured and it was only when a young acquaintance of mine started a perfume based party scheme that all this wonderful science came to my attention.

I was handed leaflets that explained the make up of the scents – there being head notes, or high notes and conversely, low or base notes.  In the middle are the heart notes and various other factors .  Many different flowers and aroma poducts are blended to a truly acute degree to bring sensory delights every year.  Though it has to be said that the old favourites are still out there to be enjoyed for ever!

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