The Interesting Science That Is Perfumery

There are some really interesting ingredients in perfumery products – today they include weeds and wild flowers.  This is not quite the new innovation that they’re being advertised as currently in all the womens’ magazines.  When we think back to the days of monks and monasteries, they did have only wild flowers and herbs to rely on.  There were no other products to use.   Some of their products were then used in preparations to care for skin and hair.  Although bathing was for centuries considered to be very bad practice – folk were definitely worried about you catching something if you did!   But back to perfume, we love the way they make us feel, the light hearted floral tones we get when we spray first thing in the morning a opposed to the evening, when it can smell entirely differently.   The base notes will work differently to the head notes, depending on the state of the skin at the time you spray.  It’s really an interesting science.

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