The Enduring Power Of A French Perfume

The days of having to save up for a year to get a favourite perfume, or even having to wait for our husband to buy it for us have well and truly gone.  There was a time when my mother was very partial to a particular French fragrance which her boss brought back as a little present from one of his overseas business trips.  Being bought an exotic present in itself was very unusual, but this perfume was a focal point on her dressing table for years, so precious that it probably rarely ever got opened, let alone used.

Today we have the opportunity to get any make of fragrance we want.  The choice is absolutely fabulous – we can float through each day on a haze of light floral notes, or have a more notably hady musk.  The occasion will always dictate the choice, but today we have everything available online and therefore at our  fingertips.

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