Staying With The Same Make Up Keeps Me Going

When you are wanting to get a new perfume, it can be quite daunting to visit one of those large sweet smelling department store franchises.  Those overly made up ladies waiting to pounce on me the minute I stepped through the door was always a bit off putting for me.  I didn’t mind having my face made up, so long as there wasn’t too much face make up.  Or lipstick.  I still feel uncomfortable when I see any woman with foundation and powder that looks all the same matt colour.  My skin is pale and a little shiny in different lights as I never wear face make up atall.  I like to be completely natural.  But not where te eyes are concerned.   Having poor eyesight, if  I can see a neat touch of black around each eye, that’s good enough for me.  Very limited, but not dramatic!

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