Spring Heralds Recharge Of Perfume Collection

Now that christmas and the new year period is over we can get down to some serious spring like activities.  Having a turn out of the wardrobes and swapping heavy winter garments for some lighter, more cheery little numbers is high on my list of ‘to dos’.  The same goes for the make up and perfumery products in my ensuite bedroom.   It’s so easy to fall into the habits we do.  I tend to get up quite early, popping out of bed and into the shower.  My routine rarely differs, apart from some days I also shampoo my hair.  The arrival of spring time is really an awakening of the soul and this should be when we replace the heavier scents and body products that suit cold damp winter – replacing them with lighter floral bouquets.  A scent with the lightness of air can be so refreshing – less intense and offers suggestion of fun to be had.

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