Sitting Pretty In Heady Floral High Notes

Oh how I do love a really petty floral scent when I’m doing something that makes me a little nervous.  Take the interview for example – nothing is likely to raise the body temperature more than the thought of sitting in that waiting room, trying to memorise all the bits of info gleaned off the firm’s website – just in case of unexpected questions.  To prepare for a day like that, I always like to buff and brush myself down and then have a really luxurious bath the night before.   The wonderful pampering feeling comes with the exotic bubbles or bath cream, depending on my mood.  The heady rose tinted water exudes the delicious scent of roses – my very most favourite choice and it wafts invitingly from head to foot.  Of course, it’s possible the interviewer will have an allergic reaction to the perfume, from which point there will be very little return!

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