Scent Bottles In Clothing Drawer Reignite Memories

I have recently had the sad task of helping to empty out the bungalow of an ancient relative who has moved in to a residential care home.  The actual clearance is ok, quite fun to a certain extent.  When there are several family members working together, especially when usually far apart, there is a lot of banter.  There is also, by reason of the task, much travel along memory lane.  We found this when tackling the bedroom.  The contents of the beautiful oak  chest of drawers so neatly arranged, all the clothes had been laundered, folded neatly and replaced in the drawer – by the relative in readiness for this very day.  Fortunately for us she also left all her old and emptied bottles of scent amongst her clothes – a habit my mother had passed on to my sisters and me.  We had a glorious time looking at the beautiful scent bottles and recalling those very scents on so many past visits.

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