Pulse Points Keep Perfume Effective Longer

Applying a perfume product differs according to our culture apparently.  Western thoughts are to apply it at strong pulse points – and we have several – on the insie of our wrists and elbows;  behind our knees and at th nape of he neck.  When frangrance is applied to any of these points, particularly behind he knees for example, allows the seent to warm and rise.  A very lightly scented product such as a shower gel,  bath oil, or the accompanying body lotion will only be effective for an hour or so and therefore applied in the morning or immediately after a warm bath in the evening.  For prolonged aroma, full scent as in eau de parfum offers about 6 hours.  The time a scent is retained on the body is greatly affected by the natural condition of the skin too – a person with soft oily skin has more success than someone with very dry skin.

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