Pretty Aromas Around Help Sell That House

In these very challenging trading times, when so many stores are closing and shoving loyal workers out on the street, it is truly remarkable to find a new store opening up.  This is after many years successfully trading only online.  The product is high end perfumed candles and fragrances for the home.  Now this is one business sector that has really taken off in recent years.  I think it started slowly back in the laste 1980s with a particular daytime tv hostess – one who took grotty unsellable houses and miraculously turned them around to make big bucks for the owern.  There was the inevitable changing of ghastly decor and furnishings to muted, clean uncompromising neutrality but also the addition of perfume and delicate aromas wafting invitingly.  In the kitchen would be the coffee and bread smells associated with comfort foods. The bathrooms and bedrooms always had a gentle floral note floating about to aid the sale!

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