Perfume Comes In Phases – Heady To Musk & Back

Well, last year seemed to be going pretty well for me – I don’t recall anything too startling about the previous Christmas & new year period to cause any alarm throughout the coming year.  I was given a nice little selection of smelly products – there was the usual gardener’s favourite hand wash and matching hand cream with a mainly bergamont background with a variety of pretty sounding plant names included.  I do love those products – using them every time I go near the clippers.  Then I also recall getting a couple of packs of shower and bathroom luxuries;  these consist of bath bombs – what we used to call bath cubes, smelly chemicals that fizz like crazy upon entering the bath.  They were in a variety of spring bulb aromas like hyacinth, freesia and may blossom.  I also had hand creams, separate and with hand wash.  I love them all.  Good job, as I had almost identical packages this year too. But different range of perfumes.

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