Perfume Choice Scores Top Marks All Round

Oh the success of handing over a really well appreciated present on a special birthday – that unexpected joy came my way when celebrating an ancient relative’s 90th a month ago.  Because the poor old dear has serious dementia, she doesn’t always recognise kind gestures for what they are – sometimes she sees things from her bizarre inner world, which of course none of us can fathom.  At least when she opened my gift, of a favourite perfume set which happily was also celebrating its 90th birthday, she squealed with joy at seeing something familiar from her youth.  To add to the special moment, she acknowledged that it was first manufactured in the same year she was born, having seen the 1927 emblazoned on the box, whereas when we asked her what year she thought she was born, that familiar sad grey cloud of complete incomprehension drifted into her eyes.  So win win with our present.  Perfect perfume choice!

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