Moderation In Mind Before Spraying That Perfume

It can be extremely hard to keep fresh and smelling sweet in this unusually hot weather.  I know that I can just pop upstairs and take a very quick and economical shower – the luxury of that cooling spray on the skin is beyond description some times.  For the older person though, this is not always an option.  They may be handicapped by having to wait for carers to call before they venture to a shower.  Smelling lovely is something that a great number of folk aspire to.   Bounding around in the heat with far too heavy an application of […]

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IT Socialites Must Be Seen With The In Crowd

It’s approaching that time when a certain tennis club of south west London has a centre court upon which the entire world will be fixed at some time or other during the next fortnight.  It brings out crowds of folk all trying to get there.  The makeup and perfume sales for this period go through the roof too.  It’s a very high social time for the country and one which we relish and do very very well at.  Some days when you go out to a function, you remember at the last minute to have a little spray, but the […]

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Scent Bottles In Clothing Drawer Reignite Memories

I have recently had the sad task of helping to empty out the bungalow of an ancient relative who has moved in to a residential care home.  The actual clearance is ok, quite fun to a certain extent.  When there are several family members working together, especially when usually far apart, there is a lot of banter.  There is also, by reason of the task, much travel along memory lane.  We found this when tackling the bedroom.  The contents of the beautiful oak  chest of drawers so neatly arranged, all the clothes had been laundered, folded neatly and replaced in […]

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Highs & Lows Perform Perfumery Secrets

When you study a chart that gives the basic perfume blending guuide for top, middle and base notes, it is hard to recognise any kind of scent that we may b familiar with.  OUr own very most favourites ones will have been made using a selection of the table – no perfumier worth his salt will use anything other than the very best ingredients and some on the chart will come as a real surprise.  cardomom, clove, cinnamon, tangerine, tagetes etc.  These are all familiar names out in the garden but not to the nose necessarily.  We all have a […]

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Memories Are Scent From Heaven

Taking my dear old mother in law out for a quick birthday lunch is not as easy as it used to be.  We would tootle off to a nearby eatery and make for a really good fun lunch time.  Sadly this is challenging now as she suffers the dreadful dementia.  Her mind wanders in and out of normality with terrifying speed.  I try to remind her of the now, today as often as I can but it’s now hopeless.  Perfume products are the way forward now though – she recalls happy times when she was courting my father in law.  […]

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Hi Notes & Warm Skin – Magic Of Perfume

In any year we are going to meet a tremendous variation in weather conditions in this little Isle of ours.  Even today for example, started off damp and muggy, not too cold.  Halfway through the morning it became beautifully sunny and looked warm – but no, the heat disappeared, it was actually very sunny but freezing cold.  So a return to the snowy conditions of last week could be coming.  The weather and temperatures are paramount to perfume.  Each person has their own individual scent to start with and our skin affects the result of applying perfume or other scented […]

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Staying With The Same Make Up Keeps Me Going

When you are wanting to get a new perfume, it can be quite daunting to visit one of those large sweet smelling department store franchises.  Those overly made up ladies waiting to pounce on me the minute I stepped through the door was always a bit off putting for me.  I didn’t mind having my face made up, so long as there wasn’t too much face make up.  Or lipstick.  I still feel uncomfortable when I see any woman with foundation and powder that looks all the same matt colour.  My skin is pale and a little shiny in different […]

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Sourcing Safe Perfumery Products Online

I had a really fabulous christmas and new year period this time.  Some years it hasn’t been such a joy, being single now and no family left at home, there is a tendency to be rather inward looking and a right bah humbug where christmas spending is concerned.  However the other year a younger relative starting selling perfumery products from an online source – it was one of those pyramid schemes where the seller/agent at the bottom sells like crazy and gets a small commission, and above are other levels, all taking their cut.   However with a little savvy, it […]

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Getting The Perfumery Gen From One Who Knows

Ah the lure of the shopper into the store – particularly husbands, partners, loved one. . . . Admittedly it can be a complete mystery, knowing what can suit one person or another.  This was a problem for me for most of my adult life until I had the good fortune to work with someone who had actually worked for a perfumery supplier and was ale, and very happy, to give me the benefit of his knowledge.  There was much discussion about high notes and base notes.  Florals tones and musks.  There are so many variables that what I deduced […]

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The Magic & Mystery Of Perfumery Products

Some of the most memorable birthday and Christmas presents to come my way have included scent, body products etc.   There is something very satisfying about opening a beautifully packaged carton and seeing the choice that this person has made for me.  I must admit that I have never been very knowledgable about perfumes or how they are manufactured and it was only when a young acquaintance of mine started a perfume based party scheme that all this wonderful science came to my attention. I was handed leaflets that explained the make up of the scents – there being head notes, […]

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