Staying With The Same Make Up Keeps Me Going

When you are wanting to get a new perfume, it can be quite daunting to visit one of those large sweet smelling department store franchises.  Those overly made up ladies waiting to pounce on me the minute I stepped through the door was always a bit off putting for me.  I didn’t mind having my face made up, so long as there wasn’t too much face make up.  Or lipstick.  I still feel uncomfortable when I see any woman with foundation and powder that looks all the same matt colour.  My skin is pale and a little shiny in different […]

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Sourcing Safe Perfumery Products Online

I had a really fabulous christmas and new year period this time.  Some years it hasn’t been such a joy, being single now and no family left at home, there is a tendency to be rather inward looking and a right bah humbug where christmas spending is concerned.  However the other year a younger relative starting selling perfumery products from an online source – it was one of those pyramid schemes where the seller/agent at the bottom sells like crazy and gets a small commission, and above are other levels, all taking their cut.   However with a little savvy, it […]

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Getting The Perfumery Gen From One Who Knows

Ah the lure of the shopper into the store – particularly husbands, partners, loved one. . . . Admittedly it can be a complete mystery, knowing what can suit one person or another.  This was a problem for me for most of my adult life until I had the good fortune to work with someone who had actually worked for a perfumery supplier and was ale, and very happy, to give me the benefit of his knowledge.  There was much discussion about high notes and base notes.  Florals tones and musks.  There are so many variables that what I deduced […]

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The Magic & Mystery Of Perfumery Products

Some of the most memorable birthday and Christmas presents to come my way have included scent, body products etc.   There is something very satisfying about opening a beautifully packaged carton and seeing the choice that this person has made for me.  I must admit that I have never been very knowledgable about perfumes or how they are manufactured and it was only when a young acquaintance of mine started a perfume based party scheme that all this wonderful science came to my attention. I was handed leaflets that explained the make up of the scents – there being head notes, […]

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Knowing Your Head Notes From Your Heart

It’s a funny thing about scent and perfume products.  I have always assumed that I couldn’t wear scent at all – I used to always seem as though I had a headache and would feel slightly billious.  So throughout my teenage and adult years, I have avoided anything even slightly scented. This seems to be a shame as these days I have been trying out various new scents – I haven’t had a single headache as yet.  The science of the make up of scent is fascinating – we have all the information out there so we can choose with […]

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Perfume Choice Scores Top Marks All Round

Oh the success of handing over a really well appreciated present on a special birthday – that unexpected joy came my way when celebrating an ancient relative’s 90th a month ago.  Because the poor old dear has serious dementia, she doesn’t always recognise kind gestures for what they are – sometimes she sees things from her bizarre inner world, which of course none of us can fathom.  At least when she opened my gift, of a favourite perfume set which happily was also celebrating its 90th birthday, she squealed with joy at seeing something familiar from her youth.  To add […]

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Mum’s Fave Perfume Also 90 This Year

I have in the past few months had to rootle around for old fashioned perfumery products – having come from a line of females that find it highly amusing and not at all annoying to live for ever!  Jesting aside, I decided to buy an old favourite for my mother for her 90th this year.  I went to my local independent retailer, a most reliable place, where you just know you’ll be able to come out with a present – maybe not the one you went in to buy, but generally a better, more suitable selection. This time I was […]

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Fancy Naming Your Scent After A Building Number

Knowing how to choose the right perfume is one of those life lessons that can take most of that lifetime to learn and appreciate fully.  When I was quite young, one of my grandmothers would spash on a smell from a very pretty bottle.  I suspect her upbringing during two world wars ensured she always under-estimated her worth in the world and this was her natural restraint coming through.    It would never have been perfume itself, only au de toilette or cologne.  4#7#1#1 was a very much an older ladies’ thing, it had a remarkably reassuring but chemically aroma, not […]

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Getting Aged Aunts Off Aged Aromas

There are certain scents that you instinctively associate with particular age groups or maybe a grandmother or aunt.  One of my very ancient aunts had a liking for a strangely medicinal sort of aroma with a series of numbers – rather like a bank pin.  She would carefully apply a little to each wrist and behind each ear every day – probably since her late teenage years.  she must have got through a lorry load in that time. Another relative always liked a coty l’aimont – a somewhat stickly little number that stayed around the room ages after the wearer […]

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Careful Scent Selection To Avoid The Imitation Game

Knowing the kind of aroma you like best is quite obviously key to selecting the right perfume product.  Some people know immediately that they prefer a floral note or maybe a musk.  The base notes and high notes are the characteristics to which the perfumier adds his magic.   Apart from the actual perfume itself, there are various lesser value products which can be as beautiful on the skin but do not always appeal if they don’t come in the all too familiar bottle and packaging.  There are so many suppliers out there who can easily an imitation product – this […]

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