Mum’s Fave Perfume Also 90 This Year

I have in the past few months had to rootle around for old fashioned perfumery products – having come from a line of females that find it highly amusing and not at all annoying to live for ever!  Jesting aside, I decided to buy an old favourite for my mother for her 90th this year.  I went to my local independent retailer, a most reliable place, where you just know you’ll be able to come out with a present – maybe not the one you went in to buy, but generally a better, more suitable selection.

This time I was looking for one brand and amazingly, there were loads of gift boxes on a display – I thought this was odd in July to have a christmassy type of display.  Wrong – to my joy I found mum’s long held favourite was also 90 this year and so I availed myself of some of their pretty 1927-2017 giftware packs.

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