Moderation In Mind Before Spraying That Perfume

It can be extremely hard to keep fresh and smelling sweet in this unusually hot weather.  I know that I can just pop upstairs and take a very quick and economical shower – the luxury of that cooling spray on the skin is beyond description some times.  For the older person though, this is not always an option.  They may be handicapped by having to wait for carers to call before they venture to a shower.  Smelling lovely is something that a great number of folk aspire to.   Bounding around in the heat with far too heavy an application of our favourite scent is not a good idea.  It makes us a tad unpopular and puts other folk on edge – the favourite winter weight aroma has to be avoided during the lightest summer days and even more so in an extreme heat wave.  Moderation in all things scent based is the key here.

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