Memories Are Scent From Heaven

Taking my dear old mother in law out for a quick birthday lunch is not as easy as it used to be.  We would tootle off to a nearby eatery and make for a really good fun lunch time.  Sadly this is challenging now as she suffers the dreadful dementia.  Her mind wanders in and out of normality with terrifying speed.  I try to remind her of the now, today as often as I can but it’s now hopeless.  Perfume products are the way forward now though – she recalls happy times when she was courting my father in law.  A particular scent will take her back to 1943, the air raid shelters and the fun to be had at the local dance.  Another well known name was spectacular in reviving a long held memory of her cousin’s wedding in Brighton in 1945 – out came the memory box and after much rifling, we found the sample bottle of that very scent.  Fantastic!

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