Lightweight Fragrances for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to reassess our fragrance collection, moving away from heavy winter scents to lighter eau de toilette fragrances.  It is important to understand the way perfume acts in the weather, and classic heavy perfumes which work well in winter (eau de parfum types) can often react in warmer weather to irritate our skin or turn the fragrance off a little.

Sunlight affects perfume so it is important to store your fragrances either in their boxes, or in a cool, dark place.  This way, your scents will last much longer and you’ll get more use out of them!

Floral fragrances are very popular during the spring time, as they evoke lovely scenes of nature and blossoming flowers.  As the environment changes outside, we can adapt our fragrances to reflect the changing seasons.  Floral fruity fragrances with dashes of grapefruit, lemon or orange can add a subtle invigorating scent to a floral scent.

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