Knowing Your Head Notes From Your Heart

It’s a funny thing about scent and perfume products.  I have always assumed that I couldn’t wear scent at all – I used to always seem as though I had a headache and would feel slightly billious.  So throughout my teenage and adult years, I have avoided anything even slightly scented.

This seems to be a shame as these days I have been trying out various new scents – I haven’t had a single headache as yet.  The science of the make up of scent is fascinating – we have all the information out there so we can choose with the knowledge that nothing will spoil the essential fun.

Fragrances are boken down into bascially Florals, Woody, Fruity or Oriental for example.  Then these are further broken down to head notes, heart notes and base notes.  Fancy having head notes of tangerine & pink pepper and heart notes of rose, mimosa, patchoulli. – it’s an exotic mix for sure.

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