IT Socialites Must Be Seen With The In Crowd

It’s approaching that time when a certain tennis club of south west London has a centre court upon which the entire world will be fixed at some time or other during the next fortnight.  It brings out crowds of folk all trying to get there.  The makeup and perfume sales for this period go through the roof too.  It’s a very high social time for the country and one which we relish and do very very well at.  Some days when you go out to a function, you remember at the last minute to have a little spray, but the glamour and exotic nature of the IT socialites all vying to be seen, photographed and then in print brings out the best in everyone.   It amazes me just how important this  tiny little area of this planet, yet it is for two weeks of the year, and particularly the final weekend of that fortnight, the most important place on this earth.


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