How to choose the right perfume to buy

Choosing a new perfume can be really fun but also confusing, as there are so many choices to be had these days!  I have come up with this useful guide to help you decide when buying your next perfume.

EDT or EDP?  What do these letters even mean?!  Well, they both show what type of perfume you are looking at.  An EDT, or Eau de Toilette is a light perfume, which has been diluted with water.  These fragrances are usually slightly cheaper than their EDP cousins, and can suit younger people more. They are generally better for wearing during the summer when you want a light fragrance which isn’t too strong.  EDP stands for eau de parfum and is a pure form of perfume.  These work well in winter and when it is colder and often suit older people.

Bottles of perfume come in a number of different sizes, which is great when buying a new pefume! I think it is a great idea to see if there is a small sample bottle you can take home in order to try your new perfume over a number of days.  Once you have decided on a fragrance, they usually come in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles, allowing for great versatility.

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