Highs & Lows Perform Perfumery Secrets

When you study a chart that gives the basic perfume blending guuide for top, middle and base notes, it is hard to recognise any kind of scent that we may b familiar with.  OUr own very most favourites ones will have been made using a selection of the table – no perfumier worth his salt will use anything other than the very best ingredients and some on the chart will come as a real surprise.  cardomom, clove, cinnamon, tangerine, tagetes etc.  These are all familiar names out in the garden but not to the nose necessarily.  We all have a rough idea what scent we kow we like the best.  I was caught out though a few years ago when I really did love one of my mother’s scents.  She had usedit since a girl and I discovered this year that it commenced production in the same year she was born.

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