Hi Notes & Warm Skin – Magic Of Perfume

In any year we are going to meet a tremendous variation in weather conditions in this little Isle of ours.  Even today for example, started off damp and muggy, not too cold.  Halfway through the morning it became beautifully sunny and looked warm – but no, the heat disappeared, it was actually very sunny but freezing cold.  So a return to the snowy conditions of last week could be coming.  The weather and temperatures are paramount to perfume.  Each person has their own individual scent to start with and our skin affects the result of applying perfume or other scented product.   High or head notes and base or low notes.  These come from various scent groupings and basically one from each group will dictate the final overall aroma.  How it actually performs on a person’s skin is due to sweat, heat or chilled surface.  So many factors to get that absolute perfumery perfection.

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