Getting The Perfumery Gen From One Who Knows

Ah the lure of the shopper into the store – particularly husbands, partners, loved one. . . . Admittedly it can be a complete mystery, knowing what can suit one person or another.  This was a problem for me for most of my adult life until I had the good fortune to work with someone who had actually worked for a perfumery supplier and was ale, and very happy, to give me the benefit of his knowledge.  There was much discussion about high notes and base notes.  Florals tones and musks.  There are so many variables that what I deduced from all that was the need to try out a few samples of different perfumes and make a note of the ones that smell nice on the body and last a long time.  Then research and you will discover their high, base and middle notes and you will then have an idea of similar ones to also try.

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