Getting Aged Aunts Off Aged Aromas

There are certain scents that you instinctively associate with particular age groups or maybe a grandmother or aunt.  One of my very ancient aunts had a liking for a strangely medicinal sort of aroma with a series of numbers – rather like a bank pin.  She would carefully apply a little to each wrist and behind each ear every day – probably since her late teenage years.  she must have got through a lorry load in that time.

Another relative always liked a coty l’aimont – a somewhat stickly little number that stayed around the room ages after the wearer had departed.   It would be interesting to try both ladies out with some of the newer lighter fragrances of today.  Knowing a little more of how a scent is achieved, with the various elements that make up high notes, down to the base or bottom notes makes it much more exciting to test and try out!

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