Fancy Naming Your Scent After A Building Number

Knowing how to choose the right perfume is one of those life lessons that can take most of that lifetime to learn and appreciate fully.  When I was quite young, one of my grandmothers would spash on a smell from a very pretty bottle.  I suspect her upbringing during two world wars ensured she always under-estimated her worth in the world and this was her natural restraint coming through.    It would never have been perfume itself, only au de toilette or cologne.  4#7#1#1 was a very much an older ladies’ thing, it had a remarkably reassuring but chemically aroma, not unlike the effect of smelling salts.   I was fascinated by that name and was slightly disappointed to discover it was named after the location in Colgne where the perfumier lived, but it is still loved by many and is one of the oldest colognes, or au de toilettes around.


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