Experimental Perfumieres End Up Covered In Roses

Oh how it must be fun to be the nine year old birthday princess of the family these days.  I do know one youngster who will be celebrating reaching another year . . . it’s not so worrying at that tender age though.  None of the panic about trying to keep the lines at bay – not, it’s more a case of opening up all the presents, selecting the favourites and discarding the boring looking stuff.  I remember one year when my sister got a beauty kit – it inolved test tubes and stuff in little packets that we mixed with water and had to add things from the garden.  We chose nastursion petals, lavender stalks,  some lemon balm and  mum’s favourite old fashioned rose petals.   I can’t remember what we did with these items but I do know we ended up with some ghastly mouldy liquid, apart from the lemon balm and the rose petal liquor – that was the one thing that set me loving Rose scent for ever!

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