Exotic Perfume Store Opens Nearby

I was recently having a very rare self induglency hour or four, down at my local area designed for shopping extravaganzas.  The brand new and very exotic looking stores include an amazing big department store name – hopefull going to ride out the recession;  also available is a proper 100 percent top notch perfume and skin care outlet.  This french brand is usually only found in Bond Street or Harrods, or in fact Paris.  To find this store with it’s gorgeous sales staff and even more gorgeous product range right here in my locality is like a dream come true.  The prices must be eye wateringly high as there are none to be seen.  Ad as we kow, if you have to ask the price, then you probably can’t afford it.  Not detured I ventured in and was immediately aware of a delicate perfume wafting near me.  The magic had begun already and I hadn’t taken off my balaclava yet!

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