Perfume Choice Scores Top Marks All Round

Oh the success of handing over a really well appreciated present on a special birthday – that unexpected joy came my way when celebrating an ancient relative’s 90th a month ago.  Because the poor old dear has serious dementia, she doesn’t always recognise kind gestures for what they are – sometimes she sees things from her bizarre inner world, which of course none of us can fathom.  At least when she opened my gift, of a favourite perfume set which happily was also celebrating its 90th birthday, she squealed with joy at seeing something familiar from her youth.  To add […]

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Mum’s Fave Perfume Also 90 This Year

I have in the past few months had to rootle around for old fashioned perfumery products – having come from a line of females that find it highly amusing and not at all annoying to live for ever!  Jesting aside, I decided to buy an old favourite for my mother for her 90th this year.  I went to my local independent retailer, a most reliable place, where you just know you’ll be able to come out with a present – maybe not the one you went in to buy, but generally a better, more suitable selection. This time I was […]

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Fancy Naming Your Scent After A Building Number

Knowing how to choose the right perfume is one of those life lessons that can take most of that lifetime to learn and appreciate fully.  When I was quite young, one of my grandmothers would spash on a smell from a very pretty bottle.  I suspect her upbringing during two world wars ensured she always under-estimated her worth in the world and this was her natural restraint coming through.    It would never have been perfume itself, only au de toilette or cologne.  4#7#1#1 was a very much an older ladies’ thing, it had a remarkably reassuring but chemically aroma, not […]

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Getting Aged Aunts Off Aged Aromas

There are certain scents that you instinctively associate with particular age groups or maybe a grandmother or aunt.  One of my very ancient aunts had a liking for a strangely medicinal sort of aroma with a series of numbers – rather like a bank pin.  She would carefully apply a little to each wrist and behind each ear every day – probably since her late teenage years.  she must have got through a lorry load in that time. Another relative always liked a coty l’aimont – a somewhat stickly little number that stayed around the room ages after the wearer […]

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Careful Scent Selection To Avoid The Imitation Game

Knowing the kind of aroma you like best is quite obviously key to selecting the right perfume product.  Some people know immediately that they prefer a floral note or maybe a musk.  The base notes and high notes are the characteristics to which the perfumier adds his magic.   Apart from the actual perfume itself, there are various lesser value products which can be as beautiful on the skin but do not always appeal if they don’t come in the all too familiar bottle and packaging.  There are so many suppliers out there who can easily an imitation product – this […]

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The Enduring Power Of A French Perfume

The days of having to save up for a year to get a favourite perfume, or even having to wait for our husband to buy it for us have well and truly gone.  There was a time when my mother was very partial to a particular French fragrance which her boss brought back as a little present from one of his overseas business trips.  Being bought an exotic present in itself was very unusual, but this perfume was a focal point on her dressing table for years, so precious that it probably rarely ever got opened, let alone used. Today […]

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Lightweight Fragrances for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to reassess our fragrance collection, moving away from heavy winter scents to lighter eau de toilette fragrances.  It is important to understand the way perfume acts in the weather, and classic heavy perfumes which work well in winter (eau de parfum types) can often react in warmer weather to irritate our skin or turn the fragrance off a little. Sunlight affects perfume so it is important to store your fragrances either in their boxes, or in a cool, dark place.  This way, your scents will last much longer and you’ll get more use out of […]

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A Guide to Perume Types

Fragrances come in a range of different formulations, with some having different characteristics.  This is our handy guide to perfume types. Eau de Toilette:  Eau de Toilette is a solution made with a combination of perfume and water.  The perfume is diluted in the water, often in a spray bottle.  These come in a wide range of fragrances, with most perfume houses offering an Eau de Toilette as well as other perfumes.  They tend to be cheaper to buy, because the perfume is diluted down.  This can result in a weaker fragrance, which often needs to be topped up throughout […]

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Why Your Health Is So Important to How You Look

Your health is your beauty as when a person is unhealthy or is surrounded by a lot of diseases the overall look of that person get hampered. Unhealthy people will notice a lot of problems which may include dark circles, darkening of the skin, pigmentation, grey hairs, etc. the list of the issues is unending. With better health and improved immunity a lot of problems from the body get eradicated which makes the various parts of our beauty beautiful in themselves including our skin, hairs, physique, etc. Focus on your health To look beautiful you need to know a fact […]

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Perfume is the Excellent Christmas Gift

Perfume is an ideal gift to give a loved one over the Christmas period.  Perfume is ideal because there are so many varieties to choose from, and there is a scent which will suit every taste.  From woody and floral scents to oriental and fruity smells, there are all sorts of lovely fragrances to choose from. The first thing to do when choosing a perfume for a loved one is to think about their personality.  If they are a shy, reserved person, they may not want a powerful and brash fragrance.  They would possibly suit a more subtle, gentler fragrance.  […]

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