Perfume Comes In Phases – Heady To Musk & Back

Well, last year seemed to be going pretty well for me – I don’t recall anything too startling about the previous Christmas & new year period to cause any alarm throughout the coming year.  I was given a nice little selection of smelly products – there was the usual gardener’s favourite hand wash and matching hand cream with a mainly bergamont background with a variety of pretty sounding plant names included.  I do love those products – using them every time I go near the clippers.  Then I also recall getting a couple of packs of shower and bathroom luxuries;  […]

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A Lesson In Sensory Perception From Bed To Shower

It’s funny how perfumery products affect us in every day – we don’t really give them much thought but from the moment we wake up, something we’ve used with an aroma will alight the senses to move us on to the next stage of getting up and out of the house.   Take our bed linen as first example – we’ve been asleep all night, the first thing we do when we hear that alarm, snuggle down for another few precious moments in the comforting bedlinen with that newly washed smell.      Then into the shower where several scent products […]

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Pulse Points Keep Perfume Effective Longer

Applying a perfume product differs according to our culture apparently.  Western thoughts are to apply it at strong pulse points – and we have several – on the insie of our wrists and elbows;  behind our knees and at th nape of he neck.  When frangrance is applied to any of these points, particularly behind he knees for example, allows the seent to warm and rise.  A very lightly scented product such as a shower gel,  bath oil, or the accompanying body lotion will only be effective for an hour or so and therefore applied in the morning or immediately […]

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Pretty Aromas Around Help Sell That House

In these very challenging trading times, when so many stores are closing and shoving loyal workers out on the street, it is truly remarkable to find a new store opening up.  This is after many years successfully trading only online.  The product is high end perfumed candles and fragrances for the home.  Now this is one business sector that has really taken off in recent years.  I think it started slowly back in the laste 1980s with a particular daytime tv hostess – one who took grotty unsellable houses and miraculously turned them around to make big bucks for the […]

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Sitting Pretty In Heady Floral High Notes

Oh how I do love a really petty floral scent when I’m doing something that makes me a little nervous.  Take the interview for example – nothing is likely to raise the body temperature more than the thought of sitting in that waiting room, trying to memorise all the bits of info gleaned off the firm’s website – just in case of unexpected questions.  To prepare for a day like that, I always like to buff and brush myself down and then have a really luxurious bath the night before.   The wonderful pampering feeling comes with the exotic bubbles or […]

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Exotic Perfume Store Opens Nearby

I was recently having a very rare self induglency hour or four, down at my local area designed for shopping extravaganzas.  The brand new and very exotic looking stores include an amazing big department store name – hopefull going to ride out the recession;  also available is a proper 100 percent top notch perfume and skin care outlet.  This french brand is usually only found in Bond Street or Harrods, or in fact Paris.  To find this store with it’s gorgeous sales staff and even more gorgeous product range right here in my locality is like a dream come true.  […]

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Moderation In Mind Before Spraying That Perfume

It can be extremely hard to keep fresh and smelling sweet in this unusually hot weather.  I know that I can just pop upstairs and take a very quick and economical shower – the luxury of that cooling spray on the skin is beyond description some times.  For the older person though, this is not always an option.  They may be handicapped by having to wait for carers to call before they venture to a shower.  Smelling lovely is something that a great number of folk aspire to.   Bounding around in the heat with far too heavy an application of […]

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IT Socialites Must Be Seen With The In Crowd

It’s approaching that time when a certain tennis club of south west London has a centre court upon which the entire world will be fixed at some time or other during the next fortnight.  It brings out crowds of folk all trying to get there.  The makeup and perfume sales for this period go through the roof too.  It’s a very high social time for the country and one which we relish and do very very well at.  Some days when you go out to a function, you remember at the last minute to have a little spray, but the […]

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Scent Bottles In Clothing Drawer Reignite Memories

I have recently had the sad task of helping to empty out the bungalow of an ancient relative who has moved in to a residential care home.  The actual clearance is ok, quite fun to a certain extent.  When there are several family members working together, especially when usually far apart, there is a lot of banter.  There is also, by reason of the task, much travel along memory lane.  We found this when tackling the bedroom.  The contents of the beautiful oak  chest of drawers so neatly arranged, all the clothes had been laundered, folded neatly and replaced in […]

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Knowing Your Head Notes From Your Heart

It’s a funny thing about scent and perfume products.  I have always assumed that I couldn’t wear scent at all – I used to always seem as though I had a headache and would feel slightly billious.  So throughout my teenage and adult years, I have avoided anything even slightly scented. This seems to be a shame as these days I have been trying out various new scents – I haven’t had a single headache as yet.  The science of the make up of scent is fascinating – we have all the information out there so we can choose with […]

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