Experimental Perfumieres End Up Covered In Roses

Oh how it must be fun to be the nine year old birthday princess of the family these days.  I do know one youngster who will be celebrating reaching another year . . . it’s not so worrying at that tender age though.  None of the panic about trying to keep the lines at bay – not, it’s more a case of opening up all the presents, selecting the favourites and discarding the boring looking stuff.  I remember one year when my sister got a beauty kit – it inolved test tubes and stuff in little packets that we mixed […]

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The Interesting Science That Is Perfumery

There are some really interesting ingredients in perfumery products – today they include weeds and wild flowers.  This is not quite the new innovation that they’re being advertised as currently in all the womens’ magazines.  When we think back to the days of monks and monasteries, they did have only wild flowers and herbs to rely on.  There were no other products to use.   Some of their products were then used in preparations to care for skin and hair.  Although bathing was for centuries considered to be very bad practice – folk were definitely worried about you catching something if […]

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Room Diffuser Gives Off Powerful Scent

We have a plethora of products for the freshening up of our houses and fabrics around us.  I was absolutely amazed to see the range in my local budget superstore.  I had actually popped in to get another roll of kitchen foil and some kitchen cleaner spray.  That part was quick, but my eye was drawn to a new display rack containing their new range of home diffuser products.  The bottles of scent came with several bamboo sticks of about 20cms each.  The idea is to take the lid off the container, push a small number of the sticks into […]

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Spring Heralds Recharge Of Perfume Collection

Now that christmas and the new year period is over we can get down to some serious spring like activities.  Having a turn out of the wardrobes and swapping heavy winter garments for some lighter, more cheery little numbers is high on my list of ‘to dos’.  The same goes for the make up and perfumery products in my ensuite bedroom.   It’s so easy to fall into the habits we do.  I tend to get up quite early, popping out of bed and into the shower.  My routine rarely differs, apart from some days I also shampoo my hair.  […]

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Perfume Comes In Phases – Heady To Musk & Back

Well, last year seemed to be going pretty well for me – I don’t recall anything too startling about the previous Christmas & new year period to cause any alarm throughout the coming year.  I was given a nice little selection of smelly products – there was the usual gardener’s favourite hand wash and matching hand cream with a mainly bergamont background with a variety of pretty sounding plant names included.  I do love those products – using them every time I go near the clippers.  Then I also recall getting a couple of packs of shower and bathroom luxuries;  […]

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A Lesson In Sensory Perception From Bed To Shower

It’s funny how perfumery products affect us in every day – we don’t really give them much thought but from the moment we wake up, something we’ve used with an aroma will alight the senses to move us on to the next stage of getting up and out of the house.   Take our bed linen as first example – we’ve been asleep all night, the first thing we do when we hear that alarm, snuggle down for another few precious moments in the comforting bedlinen with that newly washed smell.      Then into the shower where several scent products […]

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Pulse Points Keep Perfume Effective Longer

Applying a perfume product differs according to our culture apparently.  Western thoughts are to apply it at strong pulse points – and we have several – on the insie of our wrists and elbows;  behind our knees and at th nape of he neck.  When frangrance is applied to any of these points, particularly behind he knees for example, allows the seent to warm and rise.  A very lightly scented product such as a shower gel,  bath oil, or the accompanying body lotion will only be effective for an hour or so and therefore applied in the morning or immediately […]

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Pretty Aromas Around Help Sell That House

In these very challenging trading times, when so many stores are closing and shoving loyal workers out on the street, it is truly remarkable to find a new store opening up.  This is after many years successfully trading only online.  The product is high end perfumed candles and fragrances for the home.  Now this is one business sector that has really taken off in recent years.  I think it started slowly back in the laste 1980s with a particular daytime tv hostess – one who took grotty unsellable houses and miraculously turned them around to make big bucks for the […]

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Sitting Pretty In Heady Floral High Notes

Oh how I do love a really petty floral scent when I’m doing something that makes me a little nervous.  Take the interview for example – nothing is likely to raise the body temperature more than the thought of sitting in that waiting room, trying to memorise all the bits of info gleaned off the firm’s website – just in case of unexpected questions.  To prepare for a day like that, I always like to buff and brush myself down and then have a really luxurious bath the night before.   The wonderful pampering feeling comes with the exotic bubbles or […]

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Exotic Perfume Store Opens Nearby

I was recently having a very rare self induglency hour or four, down at my local area designed for shopping extravaganzas.  The brand new and very exotic looking stores include an amazing big department store name – hopefull going to ride out the recession;  also available is a proper 100 percent top notch perfume and skin care outlet.  This french brand is usually only found in Bond Street or Harrods, or in fact Paris.  To find this store with it’s gorgeous sales staff and even more gorgeous product range right here in my locality is like a dream come true.  […]

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