A Lesson In Sensory Perception From Bed To Shower

It’s funny how perfumery products affect us in every day – we don’t really give them much thought but from the moment we wake up, something we’ve used with an aroma will alight the senses to move us on to the next stage of getting up and out of the house.   Take our bed linen as first example – we’ve been asleep all night, the first thing we do when we hear that alarm, snuggle down for another few precious moments in the comforting bedlinen with that newly washed smell.      Then into the shower where several scent products compete – firstly reassurance of my volumising shampoo and conditioner.   A quick scrub with body wash whilst the conditioner does it’s magic above.  Once out of the cubicle, wrapped in warm towel, the ritual application of anti aging cream, followed by moisturiser and then body lotion rubbed in firmly.  If I had my eyes shut, I’d know each product by the feel and sensual aroma!

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