A Guide to Perume Types

Fragrances come in a range of different formulations, with some having different characteristics.  This is our handy guide to perfume types.

Eau de Toilette:  Eau de Toilette is a solution made with a combination of perfume and water.  The perfume is diluted in the water, often in a spray bottle.  These come in a wide range of fragrances, with most perfume houses offering an Eau de Toilette as well as other perfumes.  They tend to be cheaper to buy, because the perfume is diluted down.  This can result in a weaker fragrance, which often needs to be topped up throughout the day.  A good purchase for people who find fragrances overpowering, or those who have sensitive skin.

Eau de Parfum: This is more concentrated that EDT, with a higher proportion of perfume oil to water.  This is the classic perfume you would expect to buy in the shops.  The vast majority of perfume houses manufacture EDP, and it is more luxurious.  Coming in with a more expensive price tag, it should last much longer throughout the day.

Pure parfum:  Not many perfumes come as pure parfum, as this would be highly overpowering, however there are some fragrances which can be bought as pure parfum.

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